Art in a Container International Competition



This exhibition features 30 contemporary artworks in a variety of media, which are exhibited or installed inside shipping containers. Utilizing the limited space of a 40-feet container, the power and potential of art are expressed in a condensed form.

■Exhibition works
30 works(abroad:5 works)
■Exhibition period
October 3 to November 23, 2009
■Exhibition place
Kobe Meriken Park(Main venue): ContainerNo.31~46, 48~61
■Application total
398 works(abroad:42 works 16countries)
Takamichi Ito、Ken Sakamura、Hide Nakaya、Yusuke Nakahara、
Sadamasa Motonaga、Hiromi Yoshida、Yong-woo Lee Click here for detail
KOBE Biennale Grand Prize
beyond the sea(beyond the sea):戸島麻貴(東京) beyond the sea/Maki Tojima
[Container No.41]

The container is a device that links distant lands and our lives. But because it is transported in a tightly sealed state, the inside of the container has no idea about the dramatic journey it's making across the sea. By expressing the boundless expanse of the sea inside the container, the space extends into the distance.

Special Prize
むぎゅむぎゅ轍(わだち)(Squishy life track.):はしづめまき(大阪)Squishy life track./Maki Hashizume
[Container No.31]

In this experiential art work, visitors push their way inside and create their own cavity in the spongy material that is packed into every corner of the container. Through the act of creating the cavity, which is based on one's personal desires and understanding of the material, one becomes aware of the shape and confronts something within themselves.

ShadowWings:Hans Schohl(ドイツ)ShadowWings/Hans Schohl
[Container No.33]

The artwork ShadowWings is a composition of seven little tents with tiny illuminated steal-mechanics inside. The utterly quiet, maneuverable mechanics project several slowly moving wings on the surface of the tents, so that only the shadows of the mechanical wings are visible. Nevertheless – the reality is preserved in the shadows

Walk into the Light(Walk into the Light):伊庭野大輔 + 藤井亮介(東京)Walk into the Light/
Daisuke Ibano + Ryosuke Fujii

[Container No.42]

A light source set up in the center of the container projects light on an infinite number of mirrors attached to the walls. By entering the wavering light, the viewer recognizes anew their ability to perceive it as the light flickers like the glimmer on the sea's surface.

輪音の森(Soundscape Harmony: Kobe):ピオリオ / PioRyo(高橋綾×下山肇)(東京)Soundscape Harmony: Kobe/
PioRyo (Ryo Takahashi + Hajime Shimoyama)

[Container No.43]

By transforming the tones and rhythms from a variety of scenes in Kobe into a circle of resounding light, I have created a new soundscape for the city. Inside the container, the viewer experiences the endless expanse of this "Forest of Harmony."

“Liquid Dreams”:Craig Quintero + Joyce Ho(アメリカ)“Liquid Dreams”/Craig Quintero + Joyce Ho
[Container No.44]

This interactive installation is a meditation on the fluid nature of our dreams and on the manner in which all of our desires are connected. It is a celebration of our longings and a requiem for their ephemeral nature. From water we are born, and to water we shall return.

Prize of Encouragement
talk to earth(talk to earth):kimucha(東京)talk to earth/kimucha
[Container No.46]

You don't usually have a chance to see the earth floating in outer space. If the earth was shrunken down to human size and began speaking to you, what would you say?

snow bar N43(snow bar N43):YEN DESIGN(福島慶介+川瀬浩介)(北海道)snow bar N43
/YEN DESIGN(ksukefukushima+kawasekohske

[Container No.53]

snow bar N43 is an installation which allows viewers to watch snow "fall." Snow provides an implicit communal and cultural context in the cold country of the north. Using a cross-section of snow's beauty, the work provides a shared spatial experience.

WAOMOTE(WAOMOTE):外礒秀紹(滋賀) WAOMOTE/Hidetsugu Tonoiso
[Container No.57]

Bathed in stimulating sounds, a group of objects silently prays at a stand representing its faith. From a distance, they seem to be lined up in a disciplined manner, but these are by no means ascetic monks. Based on the motif of a pachinko parlor where time stands, this work is meant to inspire the viewer to reconsider what it means to be "alive."

Winning a prize
3DCGZOO(3DCGZOO):志茂浩和(東京)3DCGZOO/Shimo Hiroyasu
[Container No.32]

After entering the cage inside the container, the viewer is driven to take a peek at the strange creature that emerges there via a three-dimensional projection. The creature that one sees is something that lies dormant in everyone's heart. Enjoy the experience with whoever else happens to be in the container with you.

ワールドカウハウス(a world cow house):石上和弘(静岡)a world cow house/kazuhiro Ishigami
[Container No.34]

I recreated my father's cow shed, which had outlived its usefulness, inside the container. The carvings on the cow-rubbed poles and the modeling of the sediment really gives it the feel of a sculpture. And the position of the cow, which is facing this direction, is a way for the viewer to come terms with my background.

Space of the recognition(Space of the recognition):木村恒介(東京)Space of the recognition/Kohsuke Kimura
[Container No.35]

There are differences in the way that each individual person sees things; daily communication is also conducted within this disparity. In looking at the outline of a "something," everyone sees it as a certain "thing." Communication is a blur.

「わっ、平面なんだ」(Wow, It's Flat!):赤堀マサシ(静岡)Wow, It's Flat!/Akahori Masashi
[Container No.36]

The perspective and shadowing used by Leonardo and Raphael are painting techniques that give create a space and three dimensions within a plane. This work also allows the viewer to get a taste of the wondrous phenomenon of "being able to see something three-dimensional even though it's really a plane."

window(window):牛島光太郎(福岡)window/Ushijima Koutarou
[Container No.37]

 In the past, I learned about many things by looking through the window. If the "window" on display here has the same significance for other people, I think my window will have been a success.

BUTSU(BUTSU):本堀雄二(兵庫)BUTSU/Honbori Yuji
[Container No.38]

 I used some cardboard, which had outlived its original use and was waiting to function in a new way, to create a statue of Yakushi-sanzon, a Buddha who mends people's hearts. Take a moment to enjoy the variations in the statue's features from different angles. If you've got some discarded paper, you've got some paper that's ready to be picked up. 

“Might I not Hear Your Voice?”:Derrick + Camilleri collaboration(オーストラリア)‘Murrirra, Might I not Hear your Voice’/Derrick + Camilleri
[Container No.39]

Viewed through observation portals, ambiguous drawings of whale flukes and eastern curlews mingle and float on layered, transparent screens. The curlew’s cry and the toll of a ship’s bell are metaphors, forewarning species extinction and the omnipresent impact of man upon nature. The installation embraces cultural and environmental sustainability.



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