Art in a Container International Competition

Application Guidelines
■Contents of the competition
KOBE Biennale 2011 will feature its 3rd "Art in a Container" International Competition. Artists are encouraged to submit a concept filling the interior of a shipping container (L:12.0 m x W:2.4 m x H:2.5 m) to express the power and potential of art. Artist can use any ideas and media of their choice including flat, 3D (sculptural), footages (projected, etc.), installation, or other media ranging from traditional arts (folk arts) to robots (interactive art).
■Organized by: The Organization Committee for KOBE Biennale, City of Kobe
■With assistance from : Hyogo Prefectural Government
■Theme: “きら kira”

KOBE Biennale is a “go‐between” for presenting the diversified attractiveness of Kobe, Japan to the world by giving additional charm of art to its already existing but often overlooked attractiveness in the city and the people’s lives.
Based on the past two KOBE Biennale experiences: “出合いdeai:Encounter” of people and the world, in 2007, and ”わwa:Harmony & Ring etc.” of people, in 2009, KOBE Biennale 2011 sets out the theme as “きら kira” or “Brilliance”, that symbolizes the situation in which everyone starts to recognize their own kira of charm and appeal.
“きらkira” is an onomatopoeia, which is not only visible brilliance. This theme presents an image of Kobe where its potential charms, which have been buried in the environment, daily life and fixed ideology of art, and they start to shine by themselves when they are spotlighted. One kira diffuse another kira, and they begin to hail each other. Now KOBE Biennale unveil the attractiveness of the people, the city and the art.
KOBE Biennale 2011 answers to the wishes from the people, our epoch, and the arts, and present the “kira” world to the city.

■Exhibition period October 1, 2011 (Sat.) to November 23, 2011 (Holiday/Wed.): 54 days
■Exhibition venue Kobe Meriken Park
■Requirements for entry
Entries will be accepted from both individuals and groups, regardless of age or nationality.
All entries must be original works that have never been exhibited, either in Japan or overseas. However, works that have only been shown on the artist’s personal web site will be accepted.
■Prizes and prize money
KOBE Biennale Grand Prize (1 work) Certificate, trophy, 3 million yen prize money
Special Prize (3 works) Certificate, 1 million yen prize money
Prizewinners (25 works) Certificate, 300,000 yen prize money
* The prizes listed above do not include the purchase of the work in question.
* The Grand Prize and Special Prize will be selected from among the prizewinning works.
* The Grand Prize and Special Prize money is separated from the prize for each winner.
* The prize money amounts shown include tax. (Tax will be deducted at the source from the prize money amount.
The tax conventions of their countries of residence will apply in the case of applicants from overseas.)
* Prizewinners from overseas will receive a 300,000-yen travel grant in addition to their prize money.
* In the case that the artist declines to participate in the exhibition of artist work, the prize money (including travel grants) must be returned at once.
■Judges (alphabetical order)
IKEDA Seiji (Masaharu) (Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts)
LEE Yong-woo (CEO Artistic Director, Gwangju Biennale) *secondary judging only
MINO Yutaka (Director of Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Councilor of KOBE Biennale 2011)
NAKAYA Hide (NHK commentator)
SAKAMURA Ken (Professor of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo)
YOSHIDA Hiromi (Ikebana artist, General Producer of KOBE Biennale 2011)
■Application period
February 1st, 2011 (Tue.) Ð February 10, 2011 (Thu.) (entries must be received by 5 PM on final day in Japan)
■Application fee
Submit 10,000 yen as an application fee for each entry to the bank account below.
(One exhibition utilizing one container counts as one entry)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kobeshiyakusyo Branch A/C No. 3124754
The Organization Committee for KOBE Biennale

Bank Code:0009
Branch Code:598
Account number:ordinary account 3124754

*Application fee funds that have been transferred will not be returned for any reason.
*Service charges for bank transfers are to be paid by the applicant.
*Please submit documentation proving transfer of application fee funds (copy of ATM statement, remittance statement, etc.) along with your application.
■Schedule of judging, etc.
○ Primary judging: Around late in March, 2011 *25 prizewinning works will be selected
○ Installation of works: Prizewinners should install their works in the containers at the venue during the indicated period (10 days or so) prior to the Biennale opening.
○ Secondary judging: After works have been installed, Grand Prize and Special Prizewinners will be selected 3 to 5 days before the Biennale opening.
*Applicants will be notified of judging results via announcements on the website, or by post.
○ Removal of works: Artists will be responsible for removing their works during the indicated period (1 week or so) after the Biennale closing.
■Application method
Submit the materials listed below (application form, work proposals, etc.) before the deadline. When making multiple submissions, please make out a separate application form and work proposals for each entry.
■Documents to be submitted

Download the application documents from the Links below

1. Application Form
Please fill out completely.
2. Certificate of Consent
After reading thoroughly, please sign.
3. Documentation of Application Fee Bank Transfer
4. Work Proposals 1, 2, 3 (A4 size, horizontal)
Please outline the work’s configuration, materials, along with an idea sketch and diagrams showing the front, top and side views.
*The applicant’s name should be written clearly on the reverse side (lower right) of Work Proposals 1, 2 and 3. The front side of all documents should contain nothing by which the applicant can be identified.
5. Work Proposal 4 (4-1~4-4 : A4 size, horizontal)
In the case of using the exterior of the container, please submit the plan of 5 directions (Roof Plan, Front, Back, Right side and Left side views).
6. Photo(s) of scale models / Sample image DVD.(Optional)
Photos of models of the artwork (one A4 sheet, horizontal) or sample images on DVD, may be submitted only in situations where the work cannot be explained without such images.
○ The applicant’s name should be written clearly on the reverse side (lower right) of the horizontal A4 sheet showing photo(s) of model of proposed work.
○ If the sample image DVD exceeds 2 minutes in length, only the first 2 minutes will be eligible for judging. ○ DVDs must be in NTSC format. Be sure to "finalize" before submitting.
○ The applicant’s name should be written clearly on the surface of the DVD, and on the case.
○ Do not include written characters, etc. indicating the applicant’s identity in the photos or recorded images.
7. Photo(s) of past work(Optional)
Photos of the applicant’s past work may be submitted. (One A4 sheet, horizontal)
○ The applicant’s name should be written clearly on the reverse side (lower right) of the page. The front side of document should contain nothing by which the applicant can be identified.
*Materials submitted (application form, work proposals, sample images, photos of scale models, photos of past work) may be used to publicize the Biennale (in pamphlets, on the web, etc.) without financial compensation.
*Materials submitted will become the property of the Biennale organizers, and may be saved or disposed of at their discretion. They will not be returned.
*Do not paste materials to boards, etc. before submitting.
*When submitting materials, please adhere strictly to all guidelines regarding size, direction (horizontal, vertical, etc.), and number of pages.

■Send applications to:
Office of the Organization Committee for KOBE Biennale
Art in a Container International Competition
(Kobe City Hall, 2nd Bldg., 1F)
6-5-1 Kanou-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-8570 Japan TEL: +81-78-322-6598
■Art in a Container International Competition Application Guidelines
■Art in a Container International Competition Application Form
■Art in a Container International Competition Work Proposal