"Future Ikebana" Exhibition

Kobe has always been producing new trends in ikebana. Various ikebana schools will meet together to demonstrate the essence of flower arrangement by merging Japanese tradition and a sense of modern art. Works of ikebana artists from all over Japan and successful competitors will be displayed in the venue, while exhibits will be replaced 13 times during the exhibition period. We hope that visitors will enjoy the dynamic world of ikebana art.

■Exhibition period
October 1 to November 23, 2011
■Exhibition place
Kobe Harborland (Main venue)
Seiji Ikeda (Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts)
Yoshio Sakakibara (Professor Emeritus of Kyoto City University of Arts)
Senkei Nishizaka (Executive Director of Japan Ikebana Association / Master of the Senkei-ryu)
Koji Hattori (Director, The Kobe Shimbun)
Sekiho Hihara (Director, Japan Ikebana Association)
Hiromi Yoshida (Ikebana artist, General Producer of KOBE Biennale 2011)
■Hosted by
Organization Committee for Kobe Biennale, Kobe City, Kobe Biennale 2011 Future Ikebana Exhibition Executive Committee , Hyogo Ikebana Association