Children's Painting Exhibition

The Children’s Painting Exhibition is a nationwide open exhibition which is held in the hope that children who will lead the next generation will exchange with people of all ages through paintings and cultivate a deep sensitivity by enjoying art. The number of entries has exceeded 1200 each time. The exhibition values the personality and diversity of individual children who choose themes freely, seeks to convey the joy of painting, and offers opportunities to discover imaginative ideas and the potential of children.

Paintings by children in Tianjin will be displayed in the same venue.

■Exhibition period
October 1 to November 23, 2011
■Exhibition place
Kobe Harborland (Main venue)
■Exhibition works
200 works
■Application total
Preschoolers (222pieces )
Elementary school children (601 pieces)
Ishizaka Haruo Western-style painter; judge for Ryohei Koiso Triennial Grand Prize Exhibition
Nakatsuji Etsuko painter, writer of picture books
Nakanishi Masaru Western-style painter
Hatsuta Hisashi painter; Representative, Hatsuta Art Institute
Waku Yozo Visiting Professor, Tohoku University of Art and Design