Calligraphy Exhibition

We solicited submissions of works that presents the image of Kobe Biennale’s theme “kira.” The exhibition has separate sections for kanji, kana, seal engraving, avant-garde calligraphy and others. Free expression in various calligraphic works ranging from traditional to innovative styles creates the modern world of calligraphy. Calligraphic works based also on the theme “kira” will be exhibited by Hyogo Calligraphers Association .

■Exhibition period
October 1 to November 23, 2011
■Exhibition place
Kobe Harborland (Main venue)
■Judge (Hyogo Calligraphers Association )
Chairman Kenichi Kuroda
President Kouichi Ushimaru
Vice president Isshou Itoh, Seison Iwanaga, Tetsuo Tanaka, and Hiroyuki Fukase
■Hosted by
Hyogo Calligraphers Association , Organization Committee for Kobe Biennale and Kobe City