Hai, Chiizu, Kobe!

KOBE Biennale Grand Prize

Hai, Chiizu, Kobe!

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Photo taking in the 21st century is such a common sight as it is as easily accessible as the click of a cellphone button. My goal is to create and install a structure that will encourage people to come together and take photos with the beautiful views of the sea and city of Kobe as a backdrop. The structure has windows and doors that frame Kobe (Meriken park). People will be able to eagerly embrace this structure and take photos in these ‘frames’.

【Support / Cooperation】
Rhema Choon Hoe Heng Pte Ltd

Muhammad Nur Faris Bin Mohamed Salim Or Faris Nakamura

Muhammad Nur Faris Bin Mohamed Salim Or Faris NakamuraSingapore

Muhammad Nur Faris (born December 31, 1988) is a fine artist who goes by the name Faris Nakamura as a moniker to distinguish himself as a Singaporean with a Japanese grandfather. He was formerly an active flautist of the Singapore Youth Wind Orchestra. While music dominated most of his earlier days, art has always been another passion of his and has gotten his Bachelor of Arts at Goldsmiths’College University of London and was awarded First Class Honours. Faris loves nature and architecture and this has been very evident in his paintings and drawings. Now exploring with different mediums, his works includes sculptures and installations. Faris has exbitited his works in Sinagpore and overseas 13 times in the past 3 years he has been active as an fine artist.

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2013 Winston Oh Travel Art Award, Singapore
          George Town Festival, Penang, Malaysia
          Art of Giving Exhibition, Scotts Square, Singapore
2014 First Class Honours, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Singapore
          “sMall iDeas”, FASS Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
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